Robert B. Ruddell (Inducted 1989)

University of California – Berkeley (Emeritus), Oakland, CA, USA
International Reading Association
Literacy Research Conference (National Reading Conference)
American Educational Research Association
National Conference on Language and Literacy, NCTE


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About Robert B. Ruddell

Bob Ruddell is Professor Emeritus of the Language, Literacy, and Culture Faculty Group at the University of California at Berkeley. He began his teaching career as an educator at age 18. That year, both his parents suffered heart attacks, and he was forced to support himself by teaching in a one-room schoolhouse in a coal mining community in the Appalachian Mountains in his home state of West Virginia. Each month he would turn our school early one day and visit the students’ families. He visited the homes of each of the 32 students and is still in contact with six of these students. He has taught credential and graduate courses in reading and language development and directed the Advanced Reading-Language Leadership Program at Berkeley. He served as Chair of the Language, Literacy, and Culture Faculty Group for a number of years.  During his tenure at the University of California, at Berkeley, he worked closely with his 86 EdD. and PhD.doctoral students, advising and directing their research and dissertations to completion.

Professor Ruddell has successfully mixed his work in public schools with his university teaching and research, and has worked with teachers in schools both in the inner city and in rural areas. He has lectured and conducted workshops for teachers in each of the 50 states, as well as in England, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Canada, and the Ivory Coast.

Bob is the recipient of the International Reading Association’s William S. Gray Citation of Merit, recognizing lifetime achievement and leadership contributions to the field of reading and literacy development. He received the Oscar S. Causey Research Award from the National Reading Conference in recognizing his research on effective and influential literacy teachers. He has received the Marcus Foster Memorial Reading Award from the California Reading Association for his teaching and research and is recipient of the Indiana University Citation Award presented to former graduate students who have made Outstanding Contributions to Literacy. He has also been President of the Reading Hall of Fame and has served on the IRA Board of Directors.

Professor Ruddell is author of the fifth edition of the widely used literacy methods text How to Teach Reading to Elementary and Middle School Students: Practical Ideas from Highly Effective Teachers (2009). He is senior editor (with Norm Unrau) of Theoretical Models and Processes of Reading, now in its fifth edition (2004); the sixth edition will be published in 2012, with Donna Alvermann added as a third coeditor. His articles have appeared in The Reading Teacher and Language Arts as well as in a variety of research journals and yearbooks. His research and teaching interests focus on the study of comprehension and critical thinking, word identification strategies, reading motivation, and ways in which highly effective and influential teachers develop these skills with their students.

Bob and his wife, Sandy McCormick Ruddell, enjoy traveling throughout the United States and internationally. They especially enjoy visits from their three grandchildren – Rebecca, Grace, and Madeline. Bob delights in conversation with his former students, and he relaxes with suspense and mystery novels, and a good round of golf.

He can be contacted at rruddellatberkeley [dot] edu. More information about Bob can be found in History of Reading News (2011). My life in literacy. 24 (2), 1-4.