Frank Vellutino (Inducted 2010)

Biographical Statement


My research has been concerned with literacy development, especially the cognitive underpinnings of literacy and factors contributing to individual differences in becoming literate. A good deal of this research has focused on developing an understanding of the causes and correlates of early reading difficulties in young children. The seminal studies in this research program were concerned with assessing perceptual deficit explanations of dyslexia in beginning readers. Convergent findings in this area of inquiry led to a number of studies evaluating language and language-based theories of dyslexia, especially those associated with phonological coding and lexical retrieval deficits. The knowledge gained from this research naturally led to a growing interest in understanding the factors that contribute to individual differences in literacy development and much of my research has been concerned with these variables. My most recent studies have been concerned with the development of assessment instruments for identifying children at risk for early reading difficulties along with the development of intervention models and procedures for preventing early and long-term reading difficulties in these children. Specific areas of interest follow. 

  • Cognitive and Linguistic Foundations of Reading Ability 
  • Word Identification and Coding Processes 
  • Memory and Language Processes 
  • Causes and Correlates of Dyslexia