Patrick Shannon (Inducted 2002)

Pennsylvania State University, College Park, PA, USA

Biographical Statement

I teach literacy education coures within the Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Program for Special Education and Curriculum and Instruction at Penn State University.  We explore the ends of evidence based practice and the beginnings of practice based evidence for students designated as struggling to learn to read and write at school.  This work involves constructing museum on a chosen topic by becoming experts, and then, designers of multimodal exhibits.  I write on the distribution of cultural capital and the recognition of social capital through the policies, curricula and pedagogies of reading education.  My recent books include:  Reading Wide Awake (2011), Closer Readings of the Common Core (2013), Reading Poverty in America (2014), and the Struggle to Continue (rewrtitten 2016).  I serve as the Director of the IUG program and a Distinguished Professor of Education.