Deceased Members

*Pioneers - Well-known scholars who were deceased at the time that the Reading Hall of Fame was established and were subsequently elected to the Reading Hall of Fame are identified as Pioneers.

Ira E. Aaron (Inducted 1983), University of Georgia (Emeritus), Athens, GA, USA
Arthur N. Applebee (Inducted 2004), University at Albany, State University of New York Albany, NY, USA, Center on English Learning & Achievement
Mary Hill Arbuthnot * (Inducted 1978)
A. Sterl Artley
Mary C. Austin-Baehr (Inducted 1978), Melbourne FL, USA
Richard Bamberger
Henry Bamman
Rebecca Barr (Inducted 1995)
Emmett A. Betts
Guy L. Bond
Morton Botel (Inducted 1996), University of Pennsylvania (Emeritus), Philadelphia, PA, USA
James Britton
Margaret Wise Brown
Alvina Treut Burrows
Guy T. Buswell, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, Professor of Educational Psychology, University of California, Berkeley
Robert Calfee (Inducted 1993), Stanford University (Emeritus), University of California, Riverside (Emeritus), Riverside, CA, USA
John Carroll
Ronald P. Carver, University of Missouri, Kansas City
James McKean Cattell * (Inducted 1978)
Stella Stewart Center
Jeanne S. Chall
Marie Clay (inducted 1982)
Donald Cleland
Theodore Clymer
Bernice E. Cullinan (Inducted 1989), New York University, NY, USA
Edgar Dale
Mildred Dawson
Walter F. Dearborn * (Inducted 1978)
Raymond Dodge * (Inducted 1978)
John Downing
William K. Durr
Donald D. Durrell
Margaret J. Early (Inducted 1984), B.A., M.A., Ed.D., Boston University, Professor, Reading and Language Arts Center, Syracuse University, Associate Dean, Syracuse University, Chair, Department of Instruction and Curriculum, College of Education, University of Florida, Professor Emeritus, University of Florida, 1990, Ida M. Johnson Distinguished Alumni Award, Boston University, 1994
D. B. Elkonin
William Eller
Alan E. Farstrup (Inducted 2000) , Retired 2009, Executive Director, International Reading Association, 1992-2009, Director of Research, IRA, 1985 - 1991, Faculty, University of Rhode Island, 1977 - 1985
Leo Fay (Inducted 1982)
Dina Feitelson (Inducted 1991)
Grace Fernald
James Flood (Inducted 2004)
Paulo Freire
Edward Fry (Inducted 1993), Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Roma Gans
Arthur I. Gates * (Inducted 1978), Professor of Educational Psychology, Columbia University, New York City. Born September 22, 1890; Litt. B., Columbia, 1914; A.M., California, 1915; Ph.D., Columbia, 1917, Reading Research, Columbia University
Eleanor Gibson
Donald Graves (Inducted 1991) , University of New Hampshire (Emeritus), Jackson, NH, USA
William S. Gray * (Inducted 1978)
Albert J. Harris
Theodore L. Harris
Ed Henderson
Harold L. Herber (Inducted 1987), Syracuse University (Emeritus), Sapphire, NC, USA
Gertrude Hildreth
Don Holdaway (Inducted 1999)
Ernest Horn * (Inducted 1978)
Thomas Horn
Charlotte Huck
Edmund Burke Huey * (Inducted 1978)
Leland B. Jacobs
Dale Johnson (Inducted 2016)
Marjorie Seddon Johnson
Charles Hubbard Judd *
Martha King (Inducted 1992)
George Klare
Roy Kress (Inducted 1986)
Lou LaBrant
Nancy Larrick (Inducted 1977)
Bernice E. Leary * (Inducted 1978)
Walter Loban
Irving Lorge
Eric Lunzer, Nottingham University
Eve Malmquist (Inducted 1978) , Bâstad, Sweden
John C. Manning (Inducted 2006)
MaryAnn Manning (Inducted 2016)
Bill Martin Jr.
Nancy Martin
Constance Mary McCullough, San Francisco State University (SFU)
Paul McKee
Michael C. McKenna (Inducted 2016), University of Virginia, Curry School of Education
Ronald W. Mitchell
James Moffett
E. Jennifer Monaghan (Inducted 2016)
Marion Monroe
Helen Agnes Murphy
Olive S. Niles
Ursula Nordstrom
Wayne Otto (Inducted 1992) , Middleton, WI, USA, Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Michael Pressley
Jean E. Robertson (Inducted 1988) , University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada
H. Alan Robinson
Helen Robinson
Louise Rosenblatt (Inducted 1992)
David Harris Russell * (Inducted 1978), University of California, Berkeley
Ichiro Sakamoto, Japan Women's University
Fred Schonell (Inducted 2001)
William D. Sheldon
Harry Singer, University of California, Riverside
Dora V. Smith
Helen K. Smith (Inducted 1984) , Bradenton, FL, USA
Nila B. Smith
Margaret "Trika" Smith-Burke (Inducted 2015), New York University, United States
Vera Southgate
George D. Spache
Lucy Sprague-Mitchell
James Robert Squire (Inducted 1987)
Steven Stahl (Inducted 2004)
Ralph Staiger
Russell G. Stauffer
Ruth Strang * (Inducted 1978)
Brian Street (Inducted 2016)
William H. Teale (Inducted 2003) , University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA, Center for Literacy
Edward L. Thorndike * (Inducted 1978)
Miles A. Tinker
Roach Van Allen
Jeanette Veatch
Dick Venezky
Magdalen Dorothea Vernon, University of Reading, British Psychological Society
Suzanne Wade
Douglas Waples * (Inducted 1978)
Gertrude Whipple
Robert M. Wilson (Inducted 2016)
Paul A. Witty
Robert S. Woodworth * (Inducted 1978)
Laura Zirbes * (Inducted 1978)