Reading Hall of Fame Emerging Scholars Fellowship


  • Have recently completed a PhD or EdD in literacy education or a related field.
  • Have been appointed to an initial, tenure-track position with a literacy focus at a college or university during the period from the fall semester 2021 to the fall semester 2023, inclusive.
  • Commit to working with a Reading Hall of Fame mentor for a two-year period.

Deadline: Complete and upload all application requirements by 11:59 p.m (Eastern) on August 30, 2022.

To apply, please complete the application form and append the following documents:

1. Two Letters of Support
Request the following letters and upload them to the designated field.

(a) A letter from a faculty member with whom you have worked during your graduate studies. This person should speak directly to your work on your dissertation or other studies conducted during your period of graduate study.

(b) A letter from a dean, department chair, provost, or other faculty who holds responsibility to support your scholarly development. This letter should indicate specific actions that will be taken to support your scholarship.

 2. Current Vita
Save your vita as a PDF document and upload it to the designated field.

3. Constructed Responses
Prepare a Word document with your responses to the following and upload to the Constructed Responses field below. Please number each section as it is indicated.

(a) Research Purpose Statement (1-2 pages excluding references)

Address these questions:

  • What is the research interest for which you are requesting mentoring?
  • Is this an outgrowth of prior work you have done or does it represent a new direction?
  • What type of research and scholarship agenda do you expect to pursue in the first two-three years of your faculty appointment?

(b) Types of Mentoring Activities (1/2 to 1 page)

In your view, what types of mentoring activities (not currently available to you at your institution) would be helpful in achieving your goals?

(c) Commitment to the Mentoring Relationship (1-2 pages)

  • Describe the writing schedule (specifying number of hours per week) you have developed (or plan to develop) to support your research and scholarship.
  • Identify the research conferences you perceive as a good fit for your work and your plan for submission of proposals.
  • Propose a plan (including a schedule) for submitting drafts of scholarship (e.g., papers for publication, research conference proposals, grant applications) to your mentor.
  • Describe the process for consulting and collaborating with your mentor that would work best for you (e.g., skype conversations, meeting at conferences or in other venues, phone conversations).

Application Form

Fill in all required* fields. Note that you need to have all of the required documents ready on your computer when filling out this form.

If you need technical assistance with this form, please contact Neil Liwanag at webmaster [at]

For more information about the program go to or contact Dr. Patricia Edwards, Chair, at edwards6 [at]

Work Contact Information
Home Contact Information
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Optional Demographic Information
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