Donna Scanlon (Inducted 2017)

University of Albany -- SUNY

Biographical Statement

 Donna Scanlon – Professor, University at Albany-SUNY – in over 40 years of research funded by over $22 million in federal grants, has focused on the characteristics of children experiencing difficulties acquiring literacy and how to prevent and remediate those difficulties. Her work with colleague Frank Vellutino was crucial in debunking myths about dyslexia and the IQ-Achievement discrepancy, leading to the development of RTI as a preventive approach to reading disability. Her subsequent research has developed and validated the Interactive Strategies Approach as a powerful early intervention and professional development tool. Her publications include a best-selling book on the ISA, and among her over 50 articles, the over 30 journal articles are virtually all in top tier journals and rest on long-term fieldwork in classrooms using multiple methodologies. Recognition for her research includes IRA/ILA’s Albert Harris Award and the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research.