*Well-known scholars who were deceased at the time that the Reading Hall of Fame was established and were subsequently elected to the Reading Hall of Fame are identified as Pioneers.

Shaping the Reading Field by Susan E. Israel (Author, Editor), E. Jennifer Monaghan (Editor) documents the lives and lasting contributions of early reading pioneers who helped shape the field.

Mary Hill Arbuthnot (Inducted 1978), Case Western University
James McKean Cattell (Inducted 1978), Columbia University
Walter F. Dearborn (Inducted 1978), Harvard University
Raymond Dodge (Inducted 1978), Yale University
Arthur I. Gates (Inducted 1978), Professor of Educational Psychology, Columbia University, New York City. Born September 22, 1890; Litt. B., Columbia, 1914; A.M., California, 1915; Ph.D., Columbia, 1917, Reading Research, Columbia University
William S. Gray (Inducted 1978), University of Chicago
Ernest Horn (Inducted 1978), University of Iowa
Edmund Burke Huey (Inducted 1978), Johns Hopkins University
Charles Hubbard Judd (Inducted 1978), University of Chicago
Bernice E. Leary (Inducted 1978), Madison Public Schools, WI
David Harris Russell (Inducted 1978), University of California, Berkeley
Ruth Strang (Inducted 1978), University of Toronto, University of Arizona, Columbia University
Edward L. Thorndike (Inducted 1978), Teachers College, Columbia University
Douglas Waples (Inducted 1978), University of Chicago
Robert S. Woodworth (Inducted 1978), Columbia University
Laura Zirbes (Inducted 1978), The Ohio State University