Welcome to the Reading Hall of Fame

The Reading Hall of Fame was established in 1973.  Its purpose is to contribute, from the collective experiences of its members, to further improvement in reading instruction in such ways as the following:

  • presenting co-sponsored meetings at the annual meetings of related organizations;
  • disseminating the information from the papers presented in such meetings through ERIC and/or publications of related organizations;
  • indicating needed research, and trends of the past that hold promise for the future;
  • facing current issues in reading, and discussing them in open forum suggesting possible solutions.

Criteria for Membership

  • Current Status: a minimum of at least twenty-five years of active involvement in work in reading.
  • Reputation: widely known and respected by people in the profession.
  • Contributions: authorship of publications on reading, including reports of significant research; performance in positions of responsibility in the field of reading; and participation in professional activities such as speaking, organizing programs, and consulting or assisting teachers in other ways.

more on membership criteria and the selection process